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Health Benefits Of Baobab Fruit Powder

If you have never heard of Baobab tree, chances are that you will very soon. More and more people are coming to terms with the health benefits of baobab fruit. It is also gaining popularity in medicine, beauty and cosmetics industries. In many European countries this fruit powder is being used in candies, smoothies and other food recipes.

For the history of the plant, baobab grows in the wild in most of tropical Africa. It is a gigantic tree which takes time to grow, from decades to centuries. When the plant matures, it produces fruits containing seeds on the inside. These seeds are coated with a white powder which is sweet to the tongue and you can lick or remove it to use in various recipes.

The tree grows very high and has a large trunk. No wonder it has to take time to grow. The trunk of a mature baobab tree can be as thick as a meter or more on girth. The plant grows in a total of thirty-two African countries, where people have turned to it for food and medicine for centuries.

The last few years have seen a steady rise in demand for the fruits of the plant due to its health benefits. Scientists have gone even as far as calling it a super fruit in Africa. Research has now shown that the fruits boost energy levels and improve the skin.

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Many people living outside Africa are importing the plant so they can get a taste of the sweet powder and gain its health boost. Sales of the fruits in the United Kingdom alone have risen by 1600 per cent. This is a very high number for a wild tree and many people are wondering what exactly could be the reason behind this.

The health benefits of baobab fruit and the powder cannot be underestimated. It packs in more vitamin C than any other known plant. It is also very rich in anti-oxidants and a good source of calcium, potassium, thiamin and vitamin B6. These are nutrients that are known to improve the health of any individual.

The Calcium derived from the tree is of non-dairy type making it very suitable for vegetarians. Calcium is important during bone formation and can help in repair after fractures. The seeds which hold the powder come in a highly soluble fiber which is good for your whole digestive health. Fiber is known to increase food digestion.

A research by Oxford Brookes University showed that its powder contained high levels of potassium which is known to play a very vital role in lowering blood pressure. The powder also contains polyphenols which work to prevent some types of cancers, atherosclerosis and diabetes type 2. The benefits do not end there though; the fruit is low in energy making it the real food for those on a diet watch.

In many parts of Africa, the seed powder is coated with food color then packaged and sold. Supposing you are not comfortable eating the powder off the seed like it is widely done, you can sieve and add it to your juice. The powder can also be used to as lime in foods like Yoghurt and other drinks. The various benefits of baobab fruit have led to its popularity today.

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Things You Could Do With The Baobab Fruit

Although being very little known of in most parts of the world, the Baobab fruit is one of the traditional foods in Africa. These fruits are suggested to have the ability and potential to boost food security, improve nutrition, support sustainable land care, and foster rural development. There are many interesting facts about this wonder fruit, which you should get to know about.

African baobabs are about 6 to 8 inches long and contain more than 50 percent of calcium usually found in spinach. The fruit is high in antioxidant levels and contains over 3 times the amount of vitamin C usually found in oranges. Many people refer to it as the super fruit of today because of the wonderful benefits it is able to offer.

Even its leaves are useful when consumed as relish. You can eat the dry pulp of baobabs fresh or make a highly refreshing drink by mixing it with water or milk. Baobab leaves are prepared in many ways as well, usually cooked with a sauce; they are sometimes dried and ground to a fine power called Lalo, and is sold in many markets in countries belonging to Western Africa.

Although the seeds of baobabs are used to extract oil, which can be used to cook, it is not so popular. As most of us know from reading tabloid headlines, the European Union is too busy going around banning foodstuffs from picturesque market stalls to have time to let new foods come in. However, after trying hard for a long time, a non-profit trade organization in Africa has been able to get the approval of the EU to use the Baobab tree in the UK.

This action has opened up potentially lucrative market opportunities while also creating employment opportunities for millions on the African continent. Nutrition specialists identify these fruits to be wonderful because they are highly nutritious, with Vitamins A and C in abundance. Most food experts comment on its unique flavor, with the closest to it being found in the jack-fruit.

Therefore, if you are also interested in Baobab fruits, you should look into what you could do with them. But, when it comes to these fruits, it is better to see what you cannot do with them; they are so useful. In most parts of Africa, it is used for its medicinal values in alleviating many medical complaints while its leaves are considered a vegetable; the seeds, edible raw or roasted, or ground to make a tasty oil that could thicken stews and soups.

The fruits themselves, could be peeled, sliced, and eaten raw or cooked with anything from chicken, beef, to even backed or grilled fish. You may not find an actual master recipe for preparing an exact dish since it comes from a culture where writing down cookery methods was not present. Therefore, you are free to experiment on it and, if you are quite the cook, you could find something suitable for it using your imagination in no time at all.

The baobab fruit is now found in most other western countries including the US as well. You may find it in the store nearest to you too. So, go ahead and try it because you will not be disappointed.

The Possible Health Benefits Of Taking Baobab Supplements

Baobab supplements are made from the fruit of a tree that grows in Australia, Arabia, Madagascar, and Africa. The fruit grows with a hard shell similar to a coconut. It contains seeds covered with the pulp, which is white and powdery. The pulp and the red fibers surrounding it are rich in a variety of nutrients.

It is a source of food and water for the indigenous people living in the region where this tree grows. They have also traditionally used it for medicinal purposes. The fruit and leaves are used to treat fever, malaria, diarrhea, small pox, inflammation and asthma.

The Baobab fruit contains the same amount of vitamin C as six oranges. It has two times the calcium of milk and is loaded with potassium, iron and other antioxidants. Many personal care product manufacturers use the oil extracted from the seeds in various skin and hair care products. The oil contains linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids that promote skin health.

The fruit is nearly fifty percent fiber and provides more than a dozen essential minerals and vitamins. As a source of vitamins B6 and C, it is a food that helps reduce fatigue and boosts the immune system. Thiamine, along with vitamins C and B6, plays an important role in the body’s ability to generate energy. Vitamin C facilitates the body’s uptake of iron, an essential mineral that serves as an oxygen carrier for the body and aids in hemoglobin formation while facilitating brain and muscle function.

Nutrients in this food have a positive effect on digestive health, which is central to overall well being. As an excellent source of fiber, consuming this fruit aids in maintaining bowel health and slows down sugar absorption to help control blood sugar levels. Calcium is necessary for digestive enzymes to function normally. The fruit has pro-biotic properties that stimulate the production of helpful bacteria in the digestive system.

The body uses the potassium in the baobab fruit to maintain proper fluid balances and help muscles contract. As individuals age, it protects against bone loss and reduces the risk of kidney stone formation. Potassium plays a role in normalizing blood pressure, an especially important function in people who are coping with stress.

Many people are eager to incorporate this fruit into their diet because it contains high amounts of antioxidants. These molecules can counteract the effects of the natural aging process and provide protection against certain types of cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants are responsible for clearing the bloodstream of free radicals, which contribute to cell death in all parts of the body. Their presence can reduce the risk of a range of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, immune deficiency disorders, macular degeneration, cancer, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, and cataracts.

The unique nutritional profile of this fruit makes Baobab supplements popular with those interested in boosting their health. Products that contain raw and unprocessed fruit maintain their nutrient density. Heat processing can destroy vitamin C and other nutrients, rendering them ineffective in their various roles.

Some Useful Information About Baobab Fruit

Baobab fruit is gaining popularity because of its numerous health benefits. Those who have not heard of it may soon make it number one in their shopping list. This is especially after approval by European Union to be used as food in various Western countries. This means most candies, cereal bars, and smoothies will be having this product as part of the important ingredients. Below are details on the tree and its fruits any conscious shopper would be interested in learning about.

In Africa, it has always been referred to as the super fruit or tree of life. Growing as a wild tree in most of tropical Africa, people knew of the different medicinal and nutritious value of the leaves, seeds and powder from the fruits. They would take it to boost their health, treat some diseases or lick the powder for its sweet taste. The hairy-fruit encloses hundreds of seeds that are covered by white powder. The cover is hard and you have to mechanically break it and extract the fruit pulp.

There are various reasons why even scientists would consider this as a super fruit. For once, its energy levels are high compared to most sources common today. Those dieting, you can take this daily to supplement your energy and nutrient requirements in the body. This will keep you moving without any risk of malnutrition or lack of energy to do your daily chores.

It is also a great source of Vitamin C and a rich anti-oxidant incomparable to any other plant in existent today. Besides, it packs in high quantities of calcium, thiamin vitamin B6, phosphorus and potassium. These are useful nutrients required by the body each day.

One should note that the fruits are very profitable to vegetarians as the calcium found in it is of non-dairy type. Calcium and phosphorus have various functions in the body including help in bone formation and repair in case of fractures. From the seeds, you will gain highly soluble fiber useful in boosting the functioning of human digestive system. No wonder in Africa it was widely used to treat people with various digestion issues.

When talking about potassium, you have to consider its vital role in lowering blood pressure. This means the useful mineral in baobab fruits can be used to lower chances of diseases related to high blood pressure. Another useful content in the powder is polyphenols known to help prevent various types of cancer, diabetes type 2, and atherosclerosis.

Today, key interest is not just on the fruits but the entire plant. Its seeds and leaves are increasingly used in medicine and beauty industries. The powder can be sieved to include in juice and other food recipes that use lime.

Of importance is to look for organic products of this tree. Such are non-processed making them safer to use. Always note that this is an important supplement whether licking it, eating it in candies or making juices. It boosts your health, prevents and heals diseases among other benefits. Choose baobab fruit for a healthy long life for you and your family members.

Baobab Is A Tree And It Has Some Interesting Facts Surrounding It

The Baobab tree is found in Africa and Madagascar. It grows to heights of 30 meters or about 98 feet tall and has a diameter of between 23 and 36 feet. It also has a large, 7 inch sour tasting fruit. That has not stopped the local African cultures from using this fruit and even leaves for drinks and food dishes as well as medicines.

It has several different names, starting with the Latin one, Adansonia digitata, and moving onto the one that better describes its appearance. That name is the Upside Down tree. So named because it looks like its roots are growing up into the air instead of down in the ground. There are several legends behind this that are also as interesting as its look.

This is actually a very good idea because of the weather conditions. The rain, during a small portion of the year, is caught and stored for the very dry nine months of that same year. The unique design makes this possible and the legends do not necessarily give this proper attention. Since this lack of rain water, during this time on the Savannahs, hurts the whole tribe, this availability helps

Because of that another one of those names is the Tree Of Life. This is due to its ability, and tendency, to hold onto great amounts of water during those few months it does rain. It has been said that a large tree can hold as much as 30,000 gallons of water. The locals will use hollow grasses to extract this for their own use.

Their large size make them perfect for people to actually live inside of them. They will also store supplies within some of the smaller ones. This gives them a flexible way of living in the, sometimes, harsh elements to which they would otherwise be exposed. Add to that the ability to have a drinking fountain, right there, it is perfect for many reasons.

The Baobab tree can live for several thousand years and is reputed to be, again by legend, the first tree to appear on the Earth. All of its parts, leaves, fruit, bark and the trunk are used for various things. The leaves are commonly made into medicines and condiments. The bark for ropes and clothing, the others for food as mentioned above.

The powdered fruit has also become a fair trade product. It has been recognized and approved, by the United Kingdom, as a healthy additive for smoothies and cereal bars. It has more vitamin C than oranges, as much calcium as milk and has plenty of Vitamin B1, B12 and is full of antioxidants.

The Baobab tree is an interesting one that has been being looked into, in the last decade, by the United States. It has many features and uses that make life easier for the bush country folks. This upside down looking tree that allows people to live within it and provides water and, at the same time, gets pollinated by bats, of all things, is a very unique piece of nature.