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How A Baobab Fruit Can Help You

A baobab fruit is known to contain as many as fourteen essential minerals and vitamins. A large percentage of its contents are comprised of fiber. It has also been known to have the highest levels of antioxidants present in any crop the world over. Its high antioxidant compositions therefore mean that is gets to offer a wide range of benefits to its consumers.

Common benefits include helping with body and energy metabolism. Regular users have also been known to benefit from improved skin and health conditions. Mood balance, weight management, reduction in stress levels and an improved immune system are other benefits available to individuals.

Modern living comes with a set of high demands that often takes a toll on the existing energy levels. For individuals who work for long hours, they will find that this crop comes with three main vitamins that help in production of energy. Elimination of tiredness, fatigue and an increased absorption of iron are benefits associated with energy.

Negative stress can affect the health and general well being of any person. Problems with digestive system and high blood pressure are all attributed to elevated stress levels. Potassium, found in this crop helps maintain blood pressure at acceptable levels.

Calcium, a mineral that helps in production of digestive systems can also be found in this crop. Both potassium and calcium are minerals that a human body cannot do without. It therefore is beneficial to consume baobab; as it is a rich source of both.

The immune system can become easily compromised if even a few minerals are missing. Since no single food contains all the required minerals, individuals are advised to consume different food varieties. For each food item consumed, consider the minerals and vitamins available that can help boost and strengthen the immune system such as vitamins C and B six.

Thiamine, a common vitamin found in this type of crop helps in balancing body psychological functions. Eating healthily, engaging in regular physical activity and ensuring you get regular sleep can help balance your mood levels. It therefore comes as no surprise that thiamine is found in this particular crop.

A good digestive system plays a central role in making certain that one is of good health. Through the digestive health, the body creates a foundation that keeps you healthy both mentally and physically. Fiber, which helps with digestion of food, is found in abundance in baobab.

When it comes to consuming food and drinks, we have to make the right choices in terms of the calories we consume. Proper health management will involve ensuring that we balance the amounts of calories we take in with the amount of energy we spend on a given day. Through this, you will be able to manage your weight levels.

Modernization has led to increased cases of air and sun pollution. As a result, the skin tends to age much faster. In a balanced diet, you will find that there are nutrients present to help with your skin. Baobab fruit has high antioxidant levels which protect your skin cells from all types of damage.

What A Baobab Is And The Benefits You Have From Its Consumption

Super fruits are well-known for their high density of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and a number of health-sustaining phytochemicals. Such fruits are appealing to consumers because of their benefits offered towards health, beauty, energy, and longevity. Although you may find hundreds of so-called super-fruits in the market, one of the most talked ones is the Baobab, which offers consumers a number of health benefits that are off the charts.

The Baobab tree is native to the African continent, but may be seen in some other parts of the world as well. It had been used traditionally for many centuries in African households and offers a tart, citrus flavor. The fruit contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals including vitamins B1, B2, C, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and calcium.

This wonder-fruit is supposed to have over 10 times the amount of antioxidants and 6 times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges. Furthermore, it avails twice the amount of calcium usually found in milk. It was accepted as a food ingredient by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) back in 2008 and is now being used as an ingredient in many energy supplements.

Concentrations of the fruit is now seen in many personal care products, dairy products, breakfast cereals, and health supplements in the form of capsules, liquids, and powder. Again in 2009, it was subject to review by the FDA (US) and was awarded GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status. According to the NRI (UK), with the increasing interest among consumers towards exotic fruits having health benefits, Baobabs are expected to become one of the largest industries in the near future.

Fatigue is one of the most commonly seen problems people face today. Often people find themselves victim to stress and fatigue with their busy lifestyles. Among such people, most of them reach out to additional mineral and vitamin supplements to compensate for the energy lost during the day. The minerals and vitamins found in Baobabs work on a cellular level to re-energize the body and help cope with stress.

It is normally recommended that you visit your family medical practitioner in order to rule out any possibility of disease and sickness, and deal with stress and fatigue properly. That is because the frequent cause for most types of fatigue is underlying health issues. However, studies show that it would not do you harm to consume energy supplements to compensate for energy loss.

Although the fruit is gaining much popularity these days, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with it. Some are skeptical about its ability to provide the required nutrients to supplement energy loss as well. Even still, most manufacturers of such energy supplement products emphasize on its ability to deliver according to its reputation.

There are many ways to find out more information about the Baobab. One of the best and easiest methods is the use of the internet. You will be amazed to see the amount of information available about the fruit and what other people who consume it have to say about Baobabs and the benefits they have received from it.

The Baobab Tree Is An Interesting One From Africa

The baobab tree has many names. It has been called the Tree of Life and the Upside Down Tree. It has many uses as the fruit can be powdered and sold as a remedy for a great many things that afflict people. It has also been, and is still being used, as storage rooms for supplies and houses for tribal people in many areas where it is grown.

This African tree, with the Latin name of Adansonia digitata, is able to survive in arid areas that would kill many other trees. It grows to about 98 feet tall and can hold as much as 30,000 gallons of water to supply it and others with this life giving drink. The natives, living in this area will occasionally use hollow reeds or grass to suck this liquid from the limbs or branches.

They will grow as thick as 36 feet in diameter which can make a substantial hollowed out storage area. Many will use this as a small hut to live within. They will have the advantage of having the seeds, the fruit and even the leaves as part of their diet. These elements of the baobab tree aid in many of the problems people have with their normal diet.

The fruit has as much as three times the vitamin C that oranges have and will also contain more calcium than a glass of milk. It is rich in vitamin B1 and B2 and it has enough anti oxidants to make it worth being on many grocery lists. The bark and leaves are also used as remedies for some stomach issues.

The vitamin C that is present in this fruit, sometimes called Monkey Fruit, does promote the production of the important collagen and elastin which helps in the elimination of wrinkles. The seed oil is rich in many vitamins as well. Vitamin A, D, E and Omega essential oils 3, 6 and 9. These are all important in skin care and have been sold for a number of years as a free trade product from Africa.

The interesting stories or legends of why this tree has so many names that actually mean something has spanned many, many years. It involves the way the tree looks, in one case, and what it helps provide to others in another. It actually does look like it is growing upside down because of the way the branches grow.

It actually does provide life in areas where water is not as easy to find. The ability of this tree to gather and hold onto water for later consumption by it and tribal members who know how to get to it is remarkable. It is something that nature always seems to do for everyone involved.

A study of the baobab tree and what it is and does will take a while. All of the interesting facts about what it provides in the way of vitamins will keep you busy enough. Then to understand that this health providing tree should be growing in our own backyard will also make you wonder.

What You Need To Know About Baobab Powder

The best way to begin your day is by taking a healthy breakfast. Not only does it serve your body right, but also helps in increasing appetite. However, with the wide variety of modern life cuisines, healthy eating is quite a challenge. It is therefore important that one gives breakfast preparation a little more attention. For example, you can include foods that supplement the nutritional quality of your meals such as the baobab powder.

The powder is derived from an African exotic fruit that is highly rich in nutrients and is normally used for breakfast diets. Beyond its nutritional value, the powder is also rich in fiber. Additionally, it contains magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, minerals, and vitamins.

It is widely believed that the powder has some contents of antioxidants. However, it lacks sugar and fat contents. It can therefore be used in a number of ways when serving a meal. For instance, mixing a tablespoon of the product with cereals is an adequate supplement as by the Recommended Daily Allowance of fiber. The latter serves a number of roles in the body.

One can choose to use it as an additive in food since it helps in the maintenance of a healthy digestion track. It is also rich in pectin content which provides cushion in blood as well as helping in elimination of extra cholesterol or fat content in the bloodstream. Significantly, foods rich in fiber and low fats reduce the risk of some heart disorders.

The product helps in maintaining other related healthy conditions for the entire body System. For instance, it provides vitamin C which supports gums, teeth, blood vessels, skin, and bones. These vitamins also insulate the body against cold and assist in the absorption of iron nutrients. It is for this reason that nutritionists believe that it is much nutritious than an orange. It is also richer in calcium than meat, fruits and vegetables. The calcium content is then used in the body to strengthen and make healthy body bones.

As one of the healthiest foods, the product contains antioxidants which are used by the body for medicinal purposes. They keep it strong by fighting any infectious pathogens that may cause illnesses. Besides its nutritional qualities, it is a great appetite booster. The latter can be achieved by just adding it to a drink or food.

There are some guidelines that one needs to follow while using the product. This is manly to ensure that the correct amounts are taken. In a case of a drink, fruit juice or smoothie, only a tablespoon of the powder is needed. The mixture is then stirred until the taste changes. It can also be sprinkled to oats porridge or breakfast cereals in order to make them tasty. Together with baobab jam, one can also add it to slices of bread. The same procedure applies to breakfast bars and homemade pancakes as well.

Chopped fruits, low fat yogurt and baobab powder are a great combination for a tasty breakfast meal. An analysis of the aforementioned facts clearly shows that baobab fruit powder is a nutritious product and a perfect supplement in your breakfast. It is more preferable because of its taste and various uses. Therefore, this is one of the products that one should always ensure is on the breakfast table.

What is Baobab – In Video Form!

Here at What is Baobab? we have written a great deal about the Baobab Fruit and the Baobab Tree.  Still, we understand some people are more visual learners and not so big on the endless reading.  With this in mind we did some searching on YouTube to see if we could find video that explained what is Baobab and went over the health benefits of the Baobab fruit.

We Hit The Jackpot With Limitless Good

We came across this playlist of Baobab Fruit videos while searching on YouTube.  Looks like the company Limitless Good has a great deal of information, research and articles on the Baobab Fruit and its health benefits.

In terms of the videos they do – all very clear and even entertaining.  Here is a video on What is Baobab -

Once you have watched the above video, then go back and check out the health benefits of the Baobab fruit video -

We have written thousands of words on the Baobab fruit, but I really think those two videos did a fantastic job of explaining what is Baobab and why you might want to include Baobab fruit in your diet.

Another Resource for Baobab Research

In doing our research for the Baobab videos, we came across another Baobab site that is packed with information on the Baobab Fruit.  The site really focuses on Organic Baobab Fruit, but it does have good general information on the Baobab fruit as well.  The site is OrganicBaobabFruit.Net and you should definitely spend some time there reading all the articles.

Do your own research, but once you do, we think you will come to the same conclusion that we did.  Including Organic Baobab Fruit in your diet is an excellent way to improve your health!


Facts About The Baobab Tree

Baobab, a tree native to Africa, Australia and Madagascar is considered one of the oddest and oldest trees known to man. Not only does this tree leave for thousands of years, but it has also been seen to have a very peculiar growth formation. It consists of sparse canopy and a bottle shaped trunk that is quite massive compared to other types of trees.

It has been discovered that the tree functions very well in different types of climatic conditions. Considering the areas where it is found, the baobab tree does well in both semi-tropical and tropical climatic conditions. It also experiences very little freezing temperatures.

This particular tree consists of at least nine known species. When it comes to height, it can grow as high as forty to seventy five feet tall. Its trunk; which is quite massive, usually has a diameter of between thirty five to sixty feet in diameter. By looking at its features, a person will be in a better position to identify it.

Radio carbon is a common way used to date and identify this type of trees. Through radio carbon dating, scientists have been able to identify trees that have been in existence for as much as two thousand years. This is longer than most crops or trees can live for.

Flowering starts to occur when this tree is about twenty years old. Flowering is characterized by the occurrence of blossoms during midsummer. At night, it emits a strong musky odor that tends to attract insects and bats.

The trunk is fleshy in nature and is often filled with hollows all over. The hollows in turn become home to animals such as birds, snakes, tree frogs, spiders and insects. It therefore serves various beneficial roles to both human and animal species that use it for various purposes.

Explorers have been able to find that its cavities are very large. There are documented instances of cavities being used as jails in parts of Australia. In some trees, the cavities consist of hollow trunks that can house between twenty and thirty adult men at a go.

Baobab has very many uses. In tropical areas, it is grown as a specimen tree in parks as a specimen. In other areas, its pulp is made in to a drink which is quite rich in vitamin C. The roots can be used to make dye; red in color or they can be cooked and eaten as food.

This tree is also used in making items such as rope, musical instrument strings and clothing as well. This is mainly attributed to the presence of its strong fiber which makes it easy to create a rope that cannot be easily broken. For the trunk, it can easily be used to create a canoe.

For a baobab tree to grow, it requires the presence of various requirements such as plenty of sunshine. Proper drainage is also required for its survival especially considering that it is a drought resistant tree. Where it is being grown in parks, you are advised not to water it during the rainy seasons.

Why The Baobab Is Considered To Be The Miracle Fruit

In order to maintain a happy lifestyle, you will have to concentrate more on your health. So, you will have to take care of yourself and be healthy whether you like it or not. Obesity is one of the major threats to a healthy lifestyle and the word is spreading about a wonder fruit in the market today that is able to keep obesity at bay; that fruit being the Baobab.

Although some people like to take care of themselves, some others find it problematic to do so. You may find many persons in your community who complain on being too skinny or some who rant about how tiring it is being fat. No matter if it is being skinny or being fat, there is always stigma attached.

Talking about being fat or thin, these days, many people have started going crazy over talks of hope in the shape of a fruit. With the increasing hype about natural weight loss supplements, the latest weight loss wonder fruit, the Baobab has entered the scene. You may probably want to know a bit more about this phenomenon, if you have not heard about the extract of this fruit being used as an ingredient in almost every weight loss supplement.

Amazing as it sounds, this fruit is not at all extraordinary as the hype suggests. However, it is addressed as the super fruit because of its ability to offer many health benefits and myriad goodness. History reveals that many nations did consider it to be legendary for its medicinal value since it actually contains quite a high level of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to keep fit.

Fruits like Baobabs are processed into natural weight loss supplements so that people finding it hard to lose weight are able to take full advantage of all the health benefits the fruit offers. This fruit extract is already being transformed and sold in the market in many forms, such as liquids, capsules, and powder. No matter what form it takes, all you need to consider is the nutritional value the fruit is able to offer.

The super powers of the fruit extend way further than just nutritional value. In many countries, people use this fruit to combat hunger as well because it can be processed into many types of delicious foods. The National Geographic blog states that Baobabs contain over six times the amount of vitamin C normally found in oranges, twice the amount of calcium found in milk, an overwhelming amount of vitamin B, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Antioxidants are the key ingredient in losing weight. For centuries people have been trying to find better ways to reduce weight, but has always been a difficult task. Now, with the help of a natural weight loss supplement having baobab extract in it, you will find that losing weight is not such a hard thing to do.

With the number of nutrients and antioxidants the fruit contains, it may be the most perfect way to lose weight easily. Furthermore, with such a supplement, there is no killing yourself with ineffective diet plans and doing strenuous exercises. Simple things like having healthy diets regularly and maintaining an active lifestyle, backed by the Baobab, helps you maintain a proper BMI as long as you live.

Important Information On Baobab Supplements

Baobab is a tree that originates from some tropical regions of Africa, among them South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana. The trees normally produce a fruit that contains a powdery pulp that is known to have high amounts of vitamin C. Baobab supplements are used for a number of medicinal purposes. The fruit is also taken as food and added to beverages.

The health benefits of the supplements include not only support of prostate health but also general benefits to health. All these can be attributed to the large amounts of vitamin C in the fruit. Further, the fruit has a high amount of calcium that helps in building of bones. The amount of calcium found in it is twice as much as that found in milk. The main reason for the health benefits is the fact that the plant is rich is many nutrients.

On a specific basis, the plant has six times the quantity of vitamin C found in oranges, two times the calcium found in milk and very large quantities of magnesium, phosphorous and iron. Moreover, the fruit is a known excellent source of fiber and protein. Just ten grams of the dried fruit has 5 grams of fiber. This is the same as the quantity of fiber in a single dose of psyllium when taken as a laxative.

The fruit also contains seeds, red fibers and pulp. All these are encased in a shell that is very hard. When the fruit pulp is dried, it is used in the making of nutritional supplements, while the seeds and red fibers come in handy for making extract oils that are used for skins that are dry.

There are reports concerning the medicinal benefits of the plant. For instance, people that suffer from fever, toothache and infections can use the bark. On the other hand, the leaves are used for asthma, coughs and insect bites. Its fruit is used for curing measles and malaria, with the roots being used for sores, and also malaria. There have been several studies on the health benefits of the plant to prove its effectiveness.

There are no specific recommended doses of the supplements. The powder may be used as the main ingredient in smoothies, powdered drinks and vitamin formulas. They are also used in grain based products. Thus it is clear that the plant has a host of benefits when it comes to matters pertaining to health.

Even though they are considered to be safe to users, people need to be very careful while buying the supplements. On the contrary, whereas the fruit has large amounts of fiber and antioxidants, there are products that supply very minimal of the health benefits for every daily serving. As much as possible, individuals should read the labels on every supplement before purchasing them. This helps to know their nutrient value.

For those looking for baobab supplements, there are many options available. There are those that are sold in natural food stores and shops that specialize in dietary supplements. One of the most convenient ways to get them is online. Most sellers also advertise their products online and have online stores for the same. People should however be careful with online purchases.

Learning More About Baobab Supplements

Promoting optimum health is easier on your body when you choose to do so using natural ingredients. By choosing a supplement with all natural properties, you avoid side effects that can cause you to feel bad or even cause some health problems to worsen. Strengthening your immunity is an important aspect of you caring for your body. Learning more about baobab supplements can help you provide the support your immune system requires for proper functioning.

Antioxidants are necessary for fighting the actions of free radical molecules. Free radicals are the primary cause of aging and the onset of many serious diseases like cancer. Providing your system with enough antioxidant support is essential to slow down the damage caused by free radicals.

Baobab is a fruit that is found in Africa. It contains a powder like pulp that has been discovered to be high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the greatest antioxidants available and can help you provide the strength your immunity needs to evade disease and illness. Vitamin C also promotes anti-aging and slows down free radical damage.

Potassium, calcium and magnesium are minerals found in this fruit as well. These are minerals that are essential for proper tissue and cell growth. Potassium is fuel for the heart while magnesium helps to support it. Muscles also require magnesium for proper metabolism and growth. Many nutrients require the presence of another for optimum benefits. Calcium requires magnesium for proper absorption.

Baobab fruit has also been found to provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Protecting your body against heart disease means you providing your system with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Those people suffering with conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia can greatly benefit by adding nutrients to their diet that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

In Africa, this fruit has been used for years as a remedy for ailments like diarrhea, malaria and smallpox. The high concentration of Vitamin C helps to provide these kinds of support necessary for the immune system to thwart and fight disease. Without a strong immunity, your body becomes a target for disease and the damage of free radicals that can cause you to not only look older, but to also appear unhealthy.

Supplementing your diet with herbal ingredients can be a great way to promote your good health. However, before you take any type of supplement, be sure to consult your health care provider first. Being certain you are not suffering with any type of underlying illness is important because supplementation in some diseases could make the worse.

Taking control of your health is essential for you to feel good and to live a longer, happier life. Always drink plenty of water and eat well balanced diet. Get enough rest and enough exercise as well for maintaining good health also. By you avoiding bad habits like smoking and drinking too much alcohol, you can increase your good health even more. Going through life being happy and healthy starts with you taking care of your body and providing it with the kind of nutritional support you can find in baobab supplements.

FDA Approved Baobab Powder To Boost Your Energy Levels While Losing Weight

Native to the tropical regions of western Africa, Baobab trees produce fruit that is rich in nutrients as well as antioxidants. These fruits have long been used in Africa for their medicinal value, and now are seen in western countries as well, in many forms including liquids, and baobab powder. In the resent years, the fruit has been used to manufacture many types of food items in the US such as juices, energy bars and drinks, and natural weight gain supplements.

Up to now, only a very few studies have been carried out to verify the effects of consuming these fruits in their natural form and after processing. Researchers show that baobabs carry a number of highly packed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, some individuals feel that it is too soon to tell and are skeptical about recommending the fruit as a mode of prevention for health issues.

There have been several recent discussions regarding the baobab in the news and tabloids. Some people consider it to be the next super fruit and even wander whether it is able to cure various ailments. Truly, baobabs are incredibly nutritious because they are packed with fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, antioxidants, and many other highly sought after nutrients.

Since there is no specific scientific definition for a super fruit, the baobab can easily be considered to play the role. Furthermore, the FDA also says that it is safe. The FDA approved the fruit around the fall of 2009, where baobabs were also granted GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status.

Many African nations had been harvesting this fruit for centuries for its known medical properties. Not only do Africans use it as a general cure tonic, but it has also been widely used as a treatment for fever, malaria, gastrointestinal problems, and vitamin C deficiencies. Other than its medicinal qualities, it can make a very unique tasting and filling meal as well.

The internet holds many resources to aid you in learning about this wonder fruit if you are interested in learning more about it. You could get detailed descriptions about both Baobab fruit powder and pulp quite easily by using any popular search engine. Still, there are some people who may need upfront facts about things.

So, here are some interesting facts about baobabs. Baobabs have over 1400 ORACs per gram; ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) being the standard measurement for food antioxidant levels. Baobabs have over twice the amount of antioxidant levels seen in Acai and Goji berries, over six times the levels seen in blueberries, cranberries, and pomegranates, and more than six times to amount of potassium found in bananas.

Other facts include over thrice the amount of vitamin C compared to oranges, double the amount of calcium in milk, and high amounts of heart healthy fiber. There is no doubt that these facts regarding baobabs are pretty impressive. Since it is hard to find the fruit in the US, you may opt for baobab powder or pulp if you are willing to try it out.