Baobab Fruit Has Many Health Benefits

The Baobab Fruit has been used in Africa for many centuries because of the multitude of benefits it provides for the mind and body. This “super food” is packed with antioxidants, more than any other fruit in fact, and also contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals and is loaded with fiber. Since it dries naturally on the tree, it is easy to prepare and eat once it’s harvested.

It grows in an oval-shaped pod which is a greenish color, on the inside it is white, fibrous, and powdery. In Africa it is very popular for its sweet and tangy flavor and is often used to make sauces, porridge, and beverages. Even its leaves are used for making a type of relish, and the seeds are ground and roasted to make a hot coffee-like drink. In other countries it is gaining popularity for its use in nutrition bars, smoothies, juices, and many other foods.

The number of ways in which this amazing food can keep the body working optimally. One of its benefits is that it can boost energy levels which may have been depleted due to stress, poor diet, or not getting enough sleep. As a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Thiamin, it helps promote iron absorption and increases energy synthesis.

The immunity is very easily influenced by the lack of certain nutrients in one’s diet. While it’s important to eat a variety of healthy foods, some are better than others for supporting the immune system. These fruits are an excellent choice since they contain vitamins which naturally help boost immunity.

Stress-related illnesses such as digestive troubles and high blood pressure can improve by eating Baobab. It is a source of high potassium which will help regulate blood pressure. Calcium is another mineral it is a great source of, and this aids in the effectiveness of the digestive enzymes, thus alleviating symptoms associated with gastrointestinal problems.

Besides one’s physical well-being, Baobab also lends itself to the stability of the mind and emotions. The particular vitamins it contains in high amounts, help keep the brain’s neurotransmitters in balance and support normal mental functioning.

Proper digestion is essential to health since it ensures that the use of food which is eaten is maximized. Part of healthy digestive function is the regularity of the bowels. This fruit is almost 50 percent fiber, which gives it a laxative function, perfect for preventing and treating constipation and keeping the bowels moving regularly.

Those who are watching their weight can still enjoy this nutrient-rich powerhouse of health benefits since it is diet-friendly. A calorie-conscious diet needs to include an adequate intake of fiber which this fruit certainly does. It also has a relatively low caloric value of only 12 calories per 4.5 gram serving.

In addition to health-promoting vitamins and minerals, there is also a very high amount of antioxidants which are extremely important to maintaining a healthy and youthful-looking complexion. These antioxidants protect skin cells from damaging particles in the environment known as free radicals. The Vitamin C content is also conducive to healthy skin as it encourages collagen formation and Vitamin E regeneration.

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