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How Much Baobab Fruit Do You Need (By XSQP27)

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to the Baobab Fruit is – How Much Baobab Fruit should I take?  While this is a reasonable and logical questions, there really isn’t a great answer.  How many strawberries should you eat?  How many oranges should you have per day?  Baobab is a fruit and should be consumed much as you would eat other fruits.

Beware of Too Little Baobab Fruit

While there is no dosage, or set amount of Baobab fruit you should take in a day, we can tell you that 500mg of Baobab Fruit is too little!  More and more supplements are coming to market that contain small amounts of Baobab fruit powder.  Is 1/2 a gram of Baobab fruit enough to give you any real health benefits?  No.  Just as 1/2 a gram of blueberries will not do much for you either.

So, while we can’t tell you an upper limit for the amount of Baobab fruit you should have each day, we can tell you that you really need to have at least 5grams a day to have any real impact on your health.

Different Baobab Powders Have Different Nutrients

The brand of Baobab Powder you take also has a big impact on how you feel.  We like Organic Baobab powder that comes from Malawi Africa and has been dried in the Baobab shell.  Baobab powder that naturally dehydrates in the shell has the most nutrients when tested in powder form.

So our advice is to first go with a good 100% Organic Baobab Fruit powder that is made from Baobab Fruit grown in Malawi.  You want to make sure it is pure Baobab Fruit powder, with nothing else added.  You also want to see “naturally dehydrated” on the label.  You do NOT want heat being used to dry the Baobab fruit into a powder – this can kill the nutrients.

Once you have a great Baobab Powder, just try to work 5-15 grams of Baobab Powder into your diet each day.

Keep the questions coming!


How To Buy Baobab Powder on Amazon.Com

Amazon.Com is not just for books anymore!  Today you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon.Com and that includes Baobab Fruit Powder!  A quick search of Baobab Fruit on Amazon.Com returns over 50 products, so how do you pick out the best Baobab Fruit products?  That is what we are here for!

Finding the Best Baobab Fruit on Amazon.Com

To find the best Baobab Powder on Amazon, you need to carefully read the label of each product and sometimes even read between the lines.  For example, no one is going to advertise that their Baobab Fruit is NOT certified Organic.  So, if you see a label that talks about many other things, but never mentions if the Baobab is organic or not, you can be sure it is NOT Organic.  Simply put, if a Baobab supplement is certified Organic, you can be sure that they will say that on the label.

All of that being said, here are some things to look for when shopping for Baobab Powder on Amazon.Com.

Buy Organic Baobab Powder

You want to see the USDA Organic Seal on the label.  The best is 100% Certified Organic Baobab Fruit powder.

No Other Ingredients

You are paying for Baobab Fruit, so you should just get Baobab fruit in the product.  No fillers, no cheap ingredients – there should just be one ingredient on the label – Baobab Fruit!

 No Heat During Drying

The Baobab Fruit is packed with Nutrients, but if it is exposed to high heat, the nutrients can be killed off.  Some companies turn Baobab Pulp into powder by heating away the water – this is NOT good.

You want a Baobab Fruit powder that was made by letting the Baobab pulp naturally dehydrate in the shell.  Once the pulp dehydrates, the seeds are removed and the pulp is milled into a powder.  By using this process, no nutrients are killed in the conversion from pulp to powder.

Look for Positive Reviews

One of the great things about shopping at Amazon is that people will leave honest reviews on the products they buy.  Look for verified reviews – as this means they actually purchased the product.  I would try to get a Baobab powder with 4 or more stars.

Hopefully this will help you shop at Amazon.Com and find the best Baobab Powder.  If you have questions about a specific brand, just let us know!




Considerations When Choosing From Baobab Supplements

Consumers often discover that attempting to manage their levels of health and well being can become more challenging with each passing year. The stress levels that people typically manage are often combined with unhealthy diets to generate various deficiencies that the body needs to maintain a heightened sense of wellness at all times. Anyone focused on this need should know the various considerations when choosing from baobab supplements while working toward a higher level of healthiness.

Baobab supplements are derived from the powder pulp of baobab tress that grow in various portions of Africa. This particular powder has higher concentrations of vitamin C than most fruits and has been used by natives for countless years in addressing various ailments and conditions that surround the circulatory and immune systems of the body. The supplement version of this plant is now made available on the global market.

Here is a great video with Baobab recipes that can be made from a great baobab supplement, the Limitless Baobab Powder -

Consumers that are focused on the ingestion of healthy products have a vast assortment of options to consider. Making the decision to utilize this supplement can be difficult for anyone that is trying to make a safe and effective decision. Paying attention to several helpful factors is actually quite useful in narrowing down the option.

Consulting with a primary care doctor that is utilized for medical treatment should be an initial step in this process. Primary doctors are versed in what their patients need to stabilize their bodies and enhance their well being which can be useful in making sure this substance is appropriate and safe for ingestion. Most consumers that use this information feel more confident about their choices.

Purchases should only be made after assessing the actual purpose of the product in the first place. Most consumers have an idea in mind about what ailments or issues they are dealing with and would like to correct which can be useful when researching which format of this substance is the most suitable for their needs. Manufacturers and retailers often guide consumers through this phase of their choice which can be helpful in being more confident about the process.

The appropriate dosage should also be fully considered when making a purchase. The higher concentrations of vitamin C that are found in this powder can actually be dangerous to the human body when not ingested properly. Items that are clearly marked with appropriate doses for the various purposes they are designed for help create a safer purchase.

The retailer that one is considering for the actual purchase should have a solid reputation. The entire premise behind ingesting this supplement is for health based reasons which can be negated when using a retailer that is known to sell faulty or less than pure products. Consumer review forums and referrals help uncover this information.

Choosing from baobab supplements includes making sure they are affordable. The cost of using this product can be difficult to contend with under any kind of budget constraints that one may be facing. Paying attention to the lowest prices that are charged for the highest quality powder is helpful in finding the best deal.