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A Closer Look At Baobab Supplements

Perhaps you have read online about baobab supplements but are not sure what they are. Here is a closer look at this unusual fruit with its very unusual properties. You may be surprised at the many good things you will discover.

The Adansonia Tree and Baobab Fruit

Baobab refers to the fruit from the Adansonia tree. This tree has many colorful names like upside down or monkey bread tree. It is even sometimes referred to as the tree of life because of its amazing fruit. This tree is native to areas like Madagascar and Australia. It also can be found in parts of Africa.

Not only fruit from the monkey bread tree is beneficial. In some areas leaves of the tree are used for medicinal value. When you check out supplement products, look to see if they come from the fruit or the leaves. While the leaves have some uses, it is really the Baobab Fruit pulp that you want to find in a Baobab supplement.  It is the fruit that contains all the key nutrients and is therefore called a superfood by many.

Watch Baobab Video To Learn More

If you are more of a visual learner, one of the best ways to learn about Baobab Fruit supplements and powders is by watching educational videos on YouTube.  Here are a few Baobab fruit videos that will take just a few minutes to watch, but will answer many of your questions -

More About the Baobab Fruit

Adansonia fruit is about seven inches (18 cm) in length. It is similar to the shape of a coconut. In fact, it has a hard shell just like a coconut. The value in each fruit is inside, after the shell is cracked.

Besides the unique nutritional properties, Adansonia fruit can dehydrate within the shell. This is the only known fruit with that type of property and it is beneficial. For example, there is no need to process each fruit, or pasteurize or dehydrate with heat. This helps to keep nutritional value high and provides a completely natural product.

Baobab supplements taken from fruit are extremely high in antioxidants. In fact, by weight, this fruit contains six times the antioxidants of blueberries (which are known for their high antioxidant content). Antioxidants help the body’s cells fight off the ravages of time by counteracting the wear and tear produced from oxidation or breathing. If you want something that is high in vitamin C you might think to eat an orange. However, you would have to eat six times as much orange as you would Baobab to get the same amount of vitamin C.

If you want more potassium you might try eating fruit high in potassium like bananas. However, you will find six times the potassium content in this very unique and unusual Baobab fruit. You also will enjoy a large amount of fiber in each serving, and this is good for the digestive tract and proper elimination. Calcium is another important consideration and this fruit is full of calcium. In fact, it has about twice the calcium of cow’s milk.

You also may receive medicinal benefits from baobab supplements. Some people receive help with respiratory problems like asthma. It also may help the skin. Of course, with so many power packed nutrients it should be good for overall health and boosting the immune system.

If you are interested in buying Baobab you can find many excellent online sources.   We highly recommend the 100% Organic Limitless Baobab Powder.  The Limitless Baobab is pure Baobab powder that has not been exposed to any heat.  It is 100% pure and contains only Baobab fruit pulp and nothing else.

Baobab supplements are considered safe to take as there are currently no known interactions or side effects. Yet, if you have health concerns you should contact your pharmacist of doctor before taking baobab supplements.