Using The Ancient Gift Of The Baobab Means That You Will Easily Get All The Antioxidants You Need

Do you wish you could eat healthier? It’s easier said than done but there are some foods that can make your diet so much healthier than without it. Baobab fruit powder is packed full of Antioxidants and has very many other wonderful properties. These help your body to fight off diseases and infections.

This wonderful fruit from Africa can increase the nutritional properties of almost any food, but the best place to start is with the first meal of the day. Why Baobab you say, well it is very low in sugar and fat content but it contains large amounts of fiber. As well as the fact that there are over twelve vitamins and minerals contained in it.

This particular little specimen has high vitamin values as well as calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. If you used one heaped teaspoon of this powder on your cereal or in a smoothie it gives you thirty three percent of your daily recommended allowance of fiber. And there are many good properties for fiber in your diet.

Fiber maintains a digestive tract that is healthy and helps to control your weight as it fills you up for longer as it takes longer to digest. A kind of soluble fiber called pectin is found in very large amounts in baobab, these are used in the blood to absorb extra fat and cholesterol. A diet of high fiber along with a diet low in saturated fats aids to assist in the prevention of heart disease.

Vitamin C is essential in keeping bones, skin, blood vessels, teeth and gums healthy. Vitamin C is also essential to the body to assist with the absorption of iron and to help the body ward off colds. When compared to an orange, baobab has six times the amount of Vitamin C, so a single serving of this powder will give you a quarter of your daily allowance.

Calcium is needed for healthy and strong bones and here baobab also steps up. There is far more calcium in baobab than in most fruit and vegetables and in milk. One serving of this powder will give you up to six percent of your daily allowance of calcium.

If you add baobab to your diet you will be getting the best nutritional value from your food as well as the fact that it makes everything taste so much better too. You can use the powder in just about any food or drink as a quick health and vitality boost. And it tastes great too!

In your breakfast smoothie just add a tablespoon of this amazing powder and soon you will start looking and feeling great. Or add it to your cereal or porridge in the mornings and it will turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Give your pancakes or breakfast bars an exotic twist by using baobab powder when making them. There are just so many ways to add a nutritional zing to such ordinary meals and you will never hate having breakfast again.

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